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Mineral water S PLUSZ K TECHNIK KFT.

Mineral water from 250 m depth

Our company has a mineral water well on the territory of the enterprise. In 2016 the water was laboratory tested and obtained the compliance with mineral water.

Based on component testing, the water is classified as natural mineral water.



years active certificate for water production


m3/year - volume of water production

The mineral composition of S PLUSZ K TECHNIK KFT. water

Based on component testing, the water is moderately mineralized.
Sodium-bicarbonate-chloride hard water, which contains a lot of iodides and silicic acid. The water is determined by the chemical composition with a biological effect.

Natrium 280 Mg/l
Potassium 7,2 Mg/l
Calcium 70 Mg/l
Magnesium 28,2 Mg/l
Total water hardness 163 CaOmg/l
Chloride 220 Mg/l
Bicarbonate 714 Mg/l
All minerals 1330 Mg/l
Iodide 0,13 Mg/l
Silicic acid 31 Mg/l

10-year certificate

In 2020, the company renew permission for water mining for 32690 m3/year till 31.12.2030.

Water well

Mineral water

250m deep

Pure (technical) water

60m deep